NC Congressman Greg Murphy joins guest host Joe Concha on Fox Across America to discuss his latest bill to ban DEI in US medical schools. Rep. Murphy is currently the only practicing surgeon in Congress and says we need to raise the standards for those aspiring to be doctors, not lower them.

“It’s the greatest, peer pressure event in human history since, since the Spanish Inquisition. It just is. Because if you don’t adopt it, if you don’t have this, then you’re racist, bigot, misogynist or whatever. So it’s it’s just peer pressure. And what’s happened now? The head of the American Association of Medical Colleges and University, this is his number one priority is to push Dei in medical schools. Now, look, this has nothing to do with race, color or anything like that. It has to do with me, with merit, with excellence and patient care. I would love to have a more diverse, physician force. Absolutely. But we need more doctors. Number one. Two, we need excellent doctors, not ones who just got over the bar. And we don’t need to lower the standards for anybody. We need to raise the read them up. And and truth be told, you know, these are conversations that should be occurring now as early as elementary school. So many kids are coming from bad homes, difficult homes, single. Parent home. We need to get the kids in elementary school excited about Stem education study, and so we don’t have to lower the bar. We keep the bar up and then more individuals will be coming in. And the second part I want to talk to you on, the second part really is about the curriculum that they’re putting in all these nonsense in medical school about climate change, white supremacy, and, you know, eight year systemic racism. None of this crap belongs in medical school.”

To hear what else Congressman Murphy and Joe Concha discussed, including UNC basketball, listen to the podcast!