Are Americans Losing Faith…In Faith?

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court heard arguments about limiting access to mifepristone, one of the two drugs used in medicated abortions. The pill is used in nearly two-thirds of all abortions in the United States and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which says all their evidence demonstrates that the drug is safe. Now, pro-life doctors are arguing that they should not have to treat people seeking abortion care without their knowledge. FOX News Sunday Anchor, Shannon Bream, joins to analyze the opposing arguments in the mifepristone case, remember Senator Joe Liberman’s legacy, and discuss President Biden’s response to the Maryland Bridge collapse.

A new Gallup poll has revealed that church attendance, for all religions, has hit historic lows, with only three-in-ten Americans regularly attending services. Faith leaders have been looking for explanations to the phenomenon, from the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the rise of social media, and general distrust in institutions by America’s youth. Theologian and FOX News Contributor Jonathan Morris joins the podcast to discuss what is contributing to the decline in church attendance, the rise in secularism and the importance of Easter in the Catholic faith.

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Plus, commentary from Pastor Robert Jeffress of the Dallas First Baptist Church.