MN AG Keith Ellison Blames Automakers for Car Theft

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison blames car manufacturers for “tempting” young people into theft. 


You really cannot make this stuff up, y’all.


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The US is experiencing a car theft epidemic and sadly, a lot of it comes at the sticky hands of our nation’s youth. 


But Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison knows exactly who is to blame…car manufactures.


Yes, no kidding. AG Ellison firmly believes that punishing thieves, thugs and degenerates is not the answer. Instead, he puts the burden on car manufacturers saying it is the responsibility of auto manufacturers to make sure their cars are not “tempting” thieves. 


Ellison laments how easy it is to steal certain makes and models of vehicles and that those automakers need to do a better job so their cars aren’t so attractive  for theft. 


Yeah, that’s what it is, Keith.


These young thugs are just walking around minding their business, probably saving kittens and what not and then ALL THE SUDDEN they see a car that’s easy to jack and that is what turns them into thieving criminals!


What an absolute joke.


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