Still NO Manifesto Release from Nashville Covenant School Shooter

It’s been a year since the deadly and tragic Covenant Christian School massacre here in Nashville and we STILL do not have all the answers.


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One year ago right here in Nashville 28-year-old transgender Audrey Hale infiltrated the Covenant School on a quest to slaughter innocent Christians.


6 innocent people lost their lives that day, including 3 kids under the age of 10.


Beyond the intense grief our Nashville community felt in the aftermath of this tragedy, many of us, to this day, are mystified and downright enraged that we still have not been given all the answers. 


We knew shortly after the massacre occurred that several journals belonging to the shooter were uncovered but authorities and even lawsuits went to great lengths to keep them from the public. 


Besides a few leaked pages from the trans shooter’s manifesto, we STILL have not seen the extent of the writings and the motive has STILL not been made public. 


The leaked pages indicate the shooter set out to murder white people with privilege but authorities have yet to confirm it.


Nashville DESERVES to know what happened that day and WHY!


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