Rest in Peace NYPD Officer Diller

An NYPD officer was gunned down and killed by suspects with rap sheets a mile long.

Meanwhile, New York leaders are focused on getting Trump!

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A 31-year-old NYPD officer, husband and father of a young child was gunned down and executed by, you guessed it, career thugs who should have NEVER been out on the streets to begin with. 

NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller. Say. His. Name. 

He was gunned down and executed on Monday evening by two thugs.

The suspects, both the shooter and driver, have LENGTHY criminal records. 

Between the two of them, at least 16 prior arrests including a gun charge for the driver less than a year ago. 

This can be DIRECTLY tied to New York’s lax and ludicrous felon coddling policies. Those policies give THUGS the benefit of the doubt at the expense of decent folks. 

The War on Cops rages on and meanwhile, the leaders of that godforsaken city and state are preoccupied with getting Trump.

It really puts their priorities in perspective, doesn’t it? 


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