News Editor for Katie Pavlich joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to share her thoughts on the widespread backlash among liberal pundits in the mainstream media following NBC’s decision to hire former RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel as a paid contributor.

“Somewhere like NBC or MSNBC prides itself on being a news source for the country. And a very diverse network at that. You know, they love diversity except for when it comes to diversity of thought. And they are up in arms because Ronna McDaniel was hired as a contributor there to offer somewhat of a Right- leaning Republican perspective as the former head of the RNC, where the former president received 75 plus million votes and, you know, 50 percent of the country votes Republican. And they had a complete meltdown. And it just proves it’s because they’re not interested in a well rounded discussion of issues. They’re not interested in helping people understand things thoroughly or giving people a voice who may differ from them. They really just want a monopoly on what they put on the air, so they can try to indoctrinate as many people as possible and act like there’s not another point of view. And the hypocrisy on this is just absurd. I mean, Chuck Todd, for him to start lecturing about being a journalist and having morals and values and no political sway when he hosted dinners for Hillary Clinton at his house, and you have the same network that still employs Joy Reid, for goodness sake. And Jen Psaki, who was the White House press secretary, which is fine, right? She has a show, she does special coverage for them. But you try to hire one Republican who happened to be close to Donald Trump, and they just can’t handle any kind of dissent from their usual drivel and lies about what they’re telling America.”

Katie and Jimmy also discuss the Left-wing outrage in response to an appeals court in New York lowering former President Trump’s bond payment to $175 million. Listen to the podcast to hear everything they talked about!

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