Instagram Changed Your Settings…

Instagram quietly changed your content settings to filter out “political content.”

I’m Tomi Lahren with what you need to know, next!

Meta- the parent company of Facebook and instagram- took it upon themselves to automatically CHANGE your content preferences  to reduce or filter political content from your feed.

Yep, this change was made quietly for most users last week and many of you probably had no idea it was done.

Meta announced months ago it would make this move in an effort to protect you from political content in your feed. 

Really? Are we babies?! 

If you happen to want to view content THEY deem “political,” you need to go to your instagram settings, down to content preferences, and click on the toggle next to “political content.” Then select, “don’t limit.”

Something tells me it will be conservative leaning content that is most impacted by this sneaky little change!

You thought you were slick, Meta? Not so fast!!

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