Framed & Fighting Back: Amy Ballon’s Story

For a time, Amy Ballon felt like she was living in a fairytale – she was an accomplished realtor living a fabulous life. One day, Amy met a man who treated her like a princess. However, it wasn’t until she married him that red flags began to appear. One night Amy was attacked by her abusive husband. She called the police, yet when first responders arrived at the scene, she was the one placed in handcuffs.

Author, advocate, and realtor Amy Ballon discusses how her abuser framed her for a crime she did not commit. She shares how she fought for her innocence. Later, she delves into the shocking twists that arose afterward.

In her book, Fabulous To Framed, Amy details her story of survival and advocacy. Today, Amy is a board trustee of the Domestic Violence Advocacy Center and founded her nonprofit, Raising Awareness For The Innocent.

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