America’s “Squatting” Epidemic

America has a squatting problem because America has a law and order problem!


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How could it be that a nation of “laws” could have such an issue with squatters?


For those who are unfamiliar, squatters are people who refuse to pay for and then refuse to leave a home or apartment. 


In some cases, they stumble upon abandoned or empty homes or apartments and just set up shop and call it their own. 


How can this be legal, you ask? Well, it isn’t. However, thanks to felon coddling laws, policies and certain loopholes, it has become acceptable in some places. 


In liberal states and localities, it’s even worse. 


Take New York, for example, a woman was just arrested in Queens after a standoff with squatters in her family’s home. 


This is because, in New York, a person can claim so-called “squatters rights” after 30 days of living on a property. 


The homeowner was given an unlawful eviction charge because she had changed the locks and hadn’t provided a new key to the person staying there!


In order to get these people out of her own home, she has to battle it out in housing court. 


This cannot be America. 


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