GUY BENSON SHOW: Jesse Watters is Telling People to Get it Together – “We Need to Bring Judgement Back”

Jesse Watters, Host of “Jesse Watters Primetime”, Co-Host of The Five, & author of the new book Get It Together: Troubling Tales From The Liberal Fring, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss some of the interviews and insanity that he discussed while writing his new book. Watters and Guy also discuss the topic of spilling drinks and food and why Jesse is so ‘disgusted’ by the problem that continues to plague humanity. Listen to the full interview below!

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Watters had this to say on wokeness and his new book:

“And so we have now a generation of people who are fringe characters with issues, and they’re not taking any responsibility for their own issues. They’re saying society is the issue. I’m not the issue. We need to remake society.”