Rep. Mike Waltz on Democrats Attending the Afghanistan Hearings: “95% Didn’t Even Bother To Show”

Congressman Michael Waltz (R-Florida’s 6th district),  a combat-decorated Green Beret & co-author of Dawn of the BRAVE, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the ongoing hearings detailings the failings of Biden’s Afghanistan withdraw. Rep. Walts shared that many Democrats chose not to come to the hearing, and Guy reacts to that shocking piece of news. Guy and Rep. Waltz also discuss Biden and AOC’s recent comments at his impeachment probe hearing. Listen to the full interview below!

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Waltz had this to say on Democrats attending the Afghanistan hearings:

“Almost all the Democrats, even in the hearing, didn’t bother showing up, which is which is also shameful… I want to be clear. There were a few. They were veterans, and, you know, like Rep Jason Crow from Colorado and others that have been very vocal on how bad this was since day one, but 95% didn’t even bother to show.”