Leo Terrell on the Left’s ‘Bloodbathgate’: “They Want to Demonize Trump”

Leo Terrell, Fox News Contributor, Podcast Host, Civil Rights Attorney, Author, Fmr School Teacher, joined the Guy Benson Show to discuss the latest attacks on former President Trump coming from the media and their attacks against his language, as the left continues to grill Trump for using the term ‘bloodbath’ in reference to the auto industry. Terrell and guest host Harry Hurley also discuss the latest on Trump’s legal challenges, including the recent bond denial that Trump is facing in New York. Listen to the full interview below!

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Terrell had this to say on the left’s grilling of Trump on the term ‘bloodbath’:

“Let’s be clear: that term bloodbath has been used… by everyone. they want to demonize trump. the democrats are desperate because they have a weak failed president.”