Toe Licking High School Fundraiser?!

Students at one Oklahoma High School volunteered to participate in a truly gross and bizarre fundraising stunt and now the school is under investigation. 


Wait till you hear this!


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Students at Oklahoma’s Deer Creek High School found a very creative though downright repulsive way to raise money for their annual philanthropy week…licking peanut butter off of toes. 


I kid you not. 


After the video of this bizarre stunt went viral on social media, the state superintendent responded saying an investigation would take place. 


The school released a statement saying the students raised over $150 thousand bucks for a good cause, but still…this just cannot be sanitary or legal! 


The students volunteered to take part in this activity and signed up for it ahead of time, but that hardly excuses it. 


America’s education system is surely rotting when you have high schoolers licking and sucking toes to raise money.


Where are the parents? Where is the sanity?!


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