Pastor Jack Hibbs Answers Democrat Critics for His Prayer in Congress

Who knew prayer could be so offensive to so many? But that’s exactly the

reaction Pastor Jack Hibbs received from several members of Congress after he

gave a prayer on January 30th to open their session. Hibbs is the pastor of

mega church Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California. House Speaker Mike

Johnson invited him to deliver the invocation. In his prayer, Hibbs called for

“humility and repentance of national sins in a time of great need.” In a letter that

was sent to the Speaker of the House, 26 Democrats accused Hibbs of being “an

ill-qualified hate preacher” who was pushing a “Christian Nationalist

agenda”, according to Roll Call. On this episode of Lighthouse Faith

podcast, recorded from the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in

Nashville, TN, Pastor Hibbs answers the Democrats’ accusations, talks about

what he prayed for, and why he believes it rankled the nerves of those on the

left. He also discusses his new book, “Daze of Deception: How to Discern

Truth from Culture’s Lies.”