Brandon Judd: “Laken Riley Paid for Joe Biden’s Self-Centeredness With Her Life”

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Council, joined the Guy Benson Show LIVE from Eagle Pass, Texas to talk about the upcoming border trips of former President Trump and President Joe Biden. Judd praised Trump’s upcoming trip to the border detailing how the former president is going to the front lines of the battle. Judd and Benson also critique President Biden’s trip to the border as purely performative and that there is recent blood coming from his border policies. Listen to the full interview below.

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Judd had this to say on Biden’s deadly border crisis:

“Laken Riley paid for Joe Biden’s self-centeredness with her life. That’s what happened. You can’t discuss this unless you look at what Joe Biden has done. And then you look at what what what Laken Riley had to give up because Joe Biden cares more about his reelection. He cares more about his open base than he does about the American people.”