Americans Can Join Ukraine’s National Guard

Ukrainian President and shakedown master Zelenskyy announces Americans can now join Ukraine’s National Guard! 

Time for the social media war mongers to walk the walk! 

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Many Americans are sick and tired of sending our hard-earned tax dollars to Ukraine but some of our fellow Americans are quite happy to support that effort in perpetuity. 

Those folks will be elated to hear now they can finally walk the talk they’ve been keyboarding for nearly 2 years!

That’s right, Ukrainian president Zelenskyy announced US citizens and other foreign nationals can now join Ukraine’s National Guard!

There are some stipulations, foreign applicants must be legally allowed in Ukraine, have no previous convictions, and must pass certain standards laid out for military service.

Sounds like the bar to join Ukraine’s war effort is higher than the bar to get into the United States! 

But nevertheless, I can’t wait to see how many social media keyboard warriors will fulfill their pledge to support Ukraine, whatever it takes!

I wonder if Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer will be first to join!

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