Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS), who was also a practicing OB/GYN doctor, weighed in on the controversial Alabama Supreme Court hurling that frozen embryos can be considered children under state law. Marshall, thinks the ruling may be a little bit of overreach, but the legislative branch can fix the problem. Marshall says there is a lot of good that comes from IVF babies but stressed this needs to be a priority for the Republican legislature in Alabama to get right. Senator Marshall also spoke about democrat Michigan voters turning against President Biden over supporting Israel and Chinese nationals being behind fentanyl trafficking as they work with Mexican cartels on drug trafficking. On working with democrats for a border bill, Marshall says he would not negotiate with the White House until we share the same goals, which is securing the border, something he has never heard Biden or Schumer say. When asked about sending more money to Ukraine, Marshall wants a secure border before more funding to Ukraine and feels President Biden can do much more than sending money, such as implementing more sanctions on Russia.