Extra: An Alarming New Trend In The Border Crisis

The crisis at the U.S. southern border has dominated headlines and debates in Washington for years.

However, there has been a shift at the border, with migrants now entering less via Texas and instead illegally crossing through Arizona and California. And that’s not the only big change; Chinese migrants are now the fastest-growing group entering the United States from Mexico. A development that raises even more national security concerns.

FOX News Correspondent Griff Jenkins has been covering the border crisis for years. Earlier this week he joined the Rundown’s Dave Anthony to discuss what he’s seen at the border, the increasing number of illegal Chinese migrants, and his new FOX Nation special, “24/7: Border Crisis.”

Griff, who has traveled throughout Central and South America and has spoken with many migrants along the way, shared some incredible stories about his time reporting on the issue.

The conversation was very extensive and we had to make edits for time. On today’s FOX News Rundown Extra, you’ll hear the entire interview with FOX News Correspondent Griff Jenkins and get even more of his firsthand knowledge about the border crisis.