Legal Fights, Student Debt, And Frozen Embryos

Alabama’s Supreme Court has ruled that frozen embryos are considered children, prompting the 2024 presidential candidates to weigh in on where they stand on the issue of abortion. President Biden condemned the decision as “unacceptable” and vowed to restore the protection of Roe v. Wade under federal law. Former Ambassador Nikki Haley said that to her, an embryo is a life; however, she stressed that we must be careful not to take away access to fertility treatments or IVF. FOX News Sunday anchor Shannon Bream joins the Rundown to discuss the Alabama Supreme Court ruling on embryos and previews Saturday’s South Carolina primary.

A Massachusetts school is in crisis, with Brockton High School teachers calling on their Governor Maura Healey to send National Guard troops to support them. At an emergency school meeting weeks ago, teachers pleaded with the community to call for action against the students’ rampant fighting, drug use, and reckless behavior. Brockton High School Committee member Tony Rodrigues joins the podcast to describe the dangerous environment of “chaos and violence” among the Brockton High School student body, why they are calling for the Massachusetts National Guard to help support them, and what steps must be taken to make the school safe for students and staff.

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Photo Credit: Associated Press