CA Budget Shortfall WORSE than Predicted

UH-OH, Governor Gavin Newsom’s California budget deficit is even WORSE than projected! 

This doesn’t help your White House bid, Gavin!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 

California is experiencing a cash flow problem, we’ve known that for a couple months now. 

BUT, turns out the projected deficit is even more DIRE than anticipated. 

The state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office predicts the deficit will actually be a whopping 73 BILLION DOLLARS! 

It was originally estimated to be about $58 billion, which was bad enough. 

Newsom’s office still won’t cop to this high number saying that the real shortfall numbers are still unknown, but any way they slice it, there will be a big deficit that Gavin can’t talk his way out of. 

There are a lot of wealthy folks in California, but the state is also hemorrhaging residents and businesses alike.  Who wants to pay those taxes to live in a state overrun by crime and homelessness?

This is not only bad for the state of California, but a very bad look for Governor Newsom who has, no doubt in my mind, been running a shadow campaign to replace Joe as the Democratic nominee. 

Clean up on aisle 5, Gavin! How can you run a nation if you can’t even run your state?!

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