SF Appointed Non-Citizen Appointed to Elections Post

A noncitizen is appointed to the San Francisco elections commission. 


Wow, the Democrats aren’t even trying to hide their plan.


I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 


What starts in California ends up spreading nationwide and so here is another cautionary tale for you. 


Kelly Wong, A noncitizen from HongKong, was appointed to serve on the San Francisco Elections Commission. 


Though Wong cannot legally vote herself, she will be tasked with overseeing elections in the Bay Area. 


Wow, what could go wrong?! 


This farce to eliminate the citizenship requirement to serve on city boards was approved by California voters in 2020. 


This is just the beginning, my friends. 


If the Democrats get their way, this model will be nationalized and illegal immigrants will also be given amnesty and voting rights. 


Why do you think the border is wide open?!


It’s all part of the plan and democrats aren’t even trying to hide it anymore!


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