UK University Says Trans Milk as Good as Female Breast Milk?!

A UK university hospital system is really trying to claim that “trans female” milk is as good for babies as actual female breast milk. 


Woke has gone scientific, y’all! 


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I’ve heard some crazy so-called science from the Left ever since the COVID pandemic, but this new woke claim may be the most outrageous yet! 


As reported by the Telegraph, a leaked letter from the medical director of the University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust really said milk from trans-women, created via a combination of drugs, is “comparable to produced following the birth of a baby.”


Yes, you heard that right. 


The medical director of a major UK university system would really have you believe that some unnatural science experiment milk concoction made for trans women is just as good as natural breast milk from a woman. 


This hospital system all claims the drug induced lactation is safe but has some limitations and complications. 


Yeah, no freakin’ kidding!


This is just a bridge too woke and too far!


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