Fox News Anchor and Co-Host of America’s Newsroom Bill Hemmer is back on Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla to discuss the current landscape of the 2024 Presidential election. Bill explains what it’s going to take for Republicans and their voters to be successful this year.

“You have to really dig into where your voters are. And I’m not talking states I’m not even talking counties. I’m talking precincts. Yeah. Talking neighborhoods. What are you doing in those neighborhoods? In precincts. To contact people who are like minded. Democrats have been doing this since 2008. Yeah. Republicans have not yet proven that they’ve made the transition. Into the modern era for elections. And I think this whole thing about like voting and on Election Day. Fine. Yeah. All right. But you got to promote the other stuff too, because it’s legal. And what the RNC should do is they should explain to their voters this is how you vote in 2024 and things have changed. Accept it. And if you really want to win, you better, but you better play by all the rules, not just yours. “

Jimmy and Bill also debate whether the DNC will drop President Biden from the 2024 ticket in favor of a younger Democrat. To hear what else they had to say, listen to the podcast!

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