Dear Joe

Today is President’s Day and I have a special request for Joe!

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

Happy President’s Day, America. It is a day of celebration, whether we voted for or like the current president or not.

So in that spirit, I’d like to send a special message and plea to Joe Biden. 

Dear Joe, on behalf of 86% of the country I am humbly asking- no begging- you not to run in November. 

Not only is your record atrocious, not only are your policies destroying our economy, border security, national security, domestic safety, and overall sanity, but you clearly lack the cognitive ability to do the job.

Today many Americans will get the day off of work but sadly, your normal schedule is that of an extended vacation. 

Your party does not want you to be the nominee. Your own brain and body do not want you to be the nominee.  

Please, do America the Beautiful a solid and step down!

Our country- quite literally- depends on it! 

Sincerely, most of the country!

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