Comedian Charles McBee is back on Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla to discuss Charlamagne Tha God’s recent comments calling President Biden an “unaspiring candidate”.

“You can look back to, you know, when television first appeared, you didn’t have to be have leading man anything. But when John Kennedy hit the scene and they had the debate with what’s his face, whoever he beat back then (Nixon), the fact that he had leading man energy is what took him over to, you know, over, over the hump. So I think ever since then, we kind of hadn’t needed that in politics, however, it’s really kicked up. It really kicked up with, you know, Obama, with President Obama. But, you know, after Trump it’s like, I don’t even know if leading man energy is the right word. Now, you got to have a whole other type of energy now for people to be okay.”

Jimmy and Charles also place a wager on whether or not the Democrats will replace President Biden on the ballot before the Democratic National Convention this summer. To hear what else they had to say, listen to the podcast!

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