Professor: Get Married, Stay Married: A Recipe for Health, Wealth and Happiness

The data doesn’t lie. Getting married and staying married benefits

women, children… and men. Social scientist, Professor Brad Wilcox, gives

convincing proof that marriage, despite being much maligned today, is actually

a better way to live, well, happily ever after. But there are some caveats.

First, the myth of the soul mate. No human is perfect and so no potential

spouse, no matter how much he or she makes your heart flutter, is capable of

fulfilling your every desire. Sooner or later the butterflies go free and what

remains is the reality of a relationship that takes work. But it’s well worth


On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Wilcox, Professor of

sociology at the University of Virginia and a “Future of Freedom” Fellow

at the Institute for Family Studies, breaks down the evidence he found while

researching his new book, “GET MARRIED: Why Americans must Defy the

Elites, Forge Strong Families, and Save Civilization.” It’s a tall order,

but the data shows that coming from a two-parent household is a better

reassurance that a child will do well in school, be happier and have a better

chance of achieving the American dream. Case in point, Ivy League colleges and

universities have an overabundance of overachievers with one common

denominator, the majority come from stable, two parent households. Wilcox

points out, this is actually odd since many  professors at these liberal

establishments tout diversity of family types–single parent, parents never

married –but in their own lives represent the more traditional, married

parents with children.