Hip-Hop Task Force

Democrats plan to assemble a “Hip Hop Task Force” to tackle racial inequity. 


I’m Tomi Lahren, more next. 


Music is a powerful force in culture and Democrats plan to use it to tackle racial and inequality in America. 


Representative Jamal Bowman- yes fire alarming pulling Jamal Bowman- announced the creation of a “Congressional Hip Hop Power and Justice Task Force.” 


This task force will supposedly use hiphop messaging to build a more equitable society for black and brown Americans. 


Part of this endeavor seeks to bring iconic rap and hip hop artists into the political fold to address issues such as housing, income inequality, and healthcare for black and brown communities. 


This initiative will also feature “Hip Hop on the Hill” events monthly. 


Now this is a noble endeavor, for sure, but I’m not so sure modern day rap and hip hop lyrics really convey the most positive messages. 


It’s no secret that most rap and hip hop songs of today are riddled with drugs, violence, and the degradation and sexualization of women. 


Good luck finding the clean versions…


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