“A Right To Privacy”: Credit Cards Companies To Track Gun Purchases

American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and other major credit card companies will soon allow banks to monitor customer firearm and ammunition purchases, potentially allowing these companies to flag suspicious purchases and report them to law enforcement. Supporters of the law–currently in effect in California and being weighed in other states–say this will help identify suspicious purchase patterns to stop mass shootings, but Second Amendment proponents would have their privacy infringed upon. On the Rundown, retired ATF executive Scott Sweetow and Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen join to discuss what this law means for the rights of gun owners, their privacy, and the “precarious position” it puts these private companies in.

Inflation isn’t coming down as quickly as economists predicted. However, it is not nearly as high as it once was, with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre telling reporters that the Biden administration is working to bring it down even more. Yet, many Americans still feel like they are still paying more for everyday goods and putting more necessities on their credit cards. Senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and Trump 2024 campaign adviser, Stephen Moore, joins the Rundown to discuss how inflation continues to impact the country and explain why many Americans are finding themselves in a dangerous debt cycle.

Plus, commentary by Jason Rantz, Host of the Jason Rantz Show and author of “What’s Killing America.”

Photo Credits: Associated Press