Is The President’s Israel Support Waning?

It has been 129 days since Hamas’ deadly terror attack on Israel, which left nearly 1200 Israelis dead and hundreds taken hostage, along with American citizens. As the Israeli Defense Force plans its offensive into the Gazan city of Rafah, believed to be the final stronghold for Hamas terrorists, the Biden administration is catching criticism over the President’s comments on Israel’s military activity in Gaza. Former foreign policy adviser to President George W. Bush, author of “The Genius of Israel,” and host of the ‘Call Me Back’ podcast, Dan Senor, joins the Rundown to discuss what he has seen on the ground in Israel, his assessment of the Biden administration’s handling of the escalating conflict, and talks about widespread fears within America’s Jewish community.

New York’s third congressional district is holding a special election Tuesday for ex-Congressman George Santos’ vacant House seat in the state’s wealthiest district. Redistricting has caused NY-3 to become slightly blue in the very red suburbs of Manhattan. Former Democratic Representative Tom Suozzi is looking to reclaim the district after losing it to Santos in 2022. However, Republican candidate and Nassau County legislator Mazi Pilip is running for the empty seat despite her opponent’s continuous claim that she is “Santos 2.0.” Pilip joins the Rundown to discuss her campaign, her belief that Democrats have failed the NY-3 voters in the past, and her nuanced position as a pro-life candidate who stands against a national abortion ban.

Plus, commentary from host of OutKick’s Tomi Lahren is Fearless, Tomi Lahren.

Photo Credits: Associated Press