Ronna, Out?!

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel will reportedly vacate her throne to the dismay and disappointment of literally no one.

I’m Tomi Lahren, more next.

The RNC under Ronna McDaniel has been struggling to win races or raise money, that’s no secret.

Conservatives have been asking her to step down for months now, sources say, we’ve finally gotten our wish.

Word on the street is that Ronna McDaniel will step down soon after the South Carolina Republican Primary.

Former President Trump took to Truth Social to announce he would make his recommendation for the future of the RNC after South Carolina.

This shakeup comes after news broke that the RNC is..well..basically broke and looking to potentially secure a line of credit.

This isn’t surprising, Republican donors aren’t excited about the party and for good reason.

I mean just look at our Republican congressional leaders. This week alone they’ve managed to sell us out with some senators backing the botched border deal and several House Republicans voting against the impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas!

Who needs Democrats when we have so many Republican traitors!

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