In 2020, Oregon voters became the first state to largely decriminalize drug use and small amounts of hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl. Lawmakers pitched Measure 110 as a progressive, fresh approach to helping treat addiction rather than punish it, and the law passed with 58 percent support. Oregon’s governor recently declared a drug emergency, as overdose deaths have been climbing year after year and Democratic lawmakers who first pushed to decriminalize drugs are admitting it isn’t working. Oregon State Representative Kevin Mannix is a Republican who opposed the measure, and he joins the Rundown to explain how drug decriminalization has caused a rise in overdoses, why drug traffickers are now targeting Oregon, and what he believes could be a compassionate solution to help addicts while keeping drugs off the streets in his state.

Although he is facing several criminal trials this year, former President Donald Trump remains the Republican frontrunner in the race for commander-in-chief. He continues to allege that the legal proceedings are a form of election interference, with one case making it to the Supreme Court. Today, the Justices will consider his appeal to a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that could disqualify him from the Centennial State’s primary ballot for participating in an insurrection on January 6th. FOX News Legal Editor, Kerri Urbahn, joins to break down the legal questions at play in this decision and what this unprecedented case could mean for the election.

Plus, commentary by columnist and co-author of “Stolen Youth,”  Bethany Mandel.