Cop-Beating Posse Arrested by ICE

The illegal immigrants accused of attacking NYPD officers have been arrested by ICE agents in Phoenix Arizona.

Question is, why were they EVER released in the first place?!

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The illegal immigrant posse that NYPD SAYS beat up on their officers last week in now viral footage, have been caught and arrested.

Sources say they gave fake names to a nonprofit assistance group before fleeing New York City on a greyhound bus to Phoenix where they were intercepted by brave ICE agents.

All of these men are military-aged and believed to have used asylum claims to get into our country, in the first place.

They are clearly a danger to society and have no right to be here in the first place, so why did Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg release them into the streets without bail?!

Bragg and others are actively aiding and abetting CRIME AND LAWLESSNESS!

How is that not deemed TREASON?!

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