Late Sunday night, the Senate revealed the text for their long-negotiated bipartisan border bill. Supporters of the legislation say that it will stem the record flow of migrants into the United States while ending most catch-and-release cases. House Speaker Mike Johnson has called the bill “dead on arrival,” pointing out flaws in the text and calling out President Biden to take executive action on the crisis. President of the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd joins the Rundown to discuss why the Border Patrol Union has endorsed the bill, what the changes in immigration law can do to limit the number of migrants entering the country, and what he has seen at the border in recent days.

The FBI continues to assert that China poses the most significant threat to the nation’s homeland security. Last week, Director Christopher Wray testified before the House, saying that the Chinese government continues to target key aspects of U.S. infrastructure. These attacks are being launched online, but they pose real-world threats to American citizens, potentially hindering the country’s water supply or electrical grid. Founder and CEO of Applied AI Company, John Cofrancesco, joins to explain how China could gain access to U.S. infrastructure, the state of the nation’s cyber defenses, and why we should still be wary of TikTok.

Plus, commentary by Fox Nation host and country music star, John Rich.