Senator James Lankford (R-OK), who was the lead GOP negotiator on the Border Security Bill, joined Brian Kilmeade and discussed what he feels has been misinformation about the bipartisan bill. One of the areas of misinformation, people say the bill allows 5,000 people to cross the border a day. Lankford says that is not what the bill does and the heart of the bill includes more border wall, detention beds, deportation flights, ICE and Border Patrol agents. Lankford also points to the bill addressing fentanyl interdiction while putting sanctions on the cartels and changing asylum laws.

On criticism from former President Trump, Lankford says he knows Trump has a job to do and is focused on winning the presidential election. Lankford explained his job in the Senate is to do whatever he can to help secure the nation in any way possible. When asked about House Speaker Mike Johnson saying the bill is dead on arrival in the House and his worry about empowering Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Lankford responded by saying Mayorkas is the current Secretary of Homeland Security, but he will only be so for a few more months, depending on what happens in the next week or two with potential impeachment. Lankford feels the attacks against Mayorkas are shortsighted for republicans trying to do whatever they can not to put in laws that will be effective because when Republicans are in the White House, they will want a Secretary of Homeland Security to actually be empowered.