Ohio Republican Congressman and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to explain why he is against the Senate’s bipartisan $118 billion border security package.

“I’m actually now for just a simple sentence, because I think the problem is so bad that you need to say time out. And we should use the power of the purse, that’s the most awesome power that the legislative branch, I think one of the biggest powers we have is the power to control the spending. So we should say on the spending bill, one sentence. No money can be used to process or release into the country, any new migrants. Just say time out. If you’re coming in with the visa, that’s one thing. You coming in for an emergency, that’s something. But all these asylum seekers, most of them actually aren’t legitimate. They don’t qualify for asylum. Just say no. We’re on pace to get the 12 million, time out. No more coming in. If we would do that, that’s the one thing we can do, because anything else that we try to pass, Biden won’t follow the rules. He won’t follow the law. But this, if you say you can’t spend the money, is the one thing we’ve got to do. Short of that. If we can’t get that done, then I think it’s a simple question for the country. Do you want Donald Trump did control the border, or do you want Joe Biden, who made it wide open?”

Rep. Jordan and Jimmy also talk about who they plan on rooting for in Super Bowl LVIII. Listen to the podcast to hear what else he had to say!

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