Border Deal BS

The Senate so-called “border deal” is a disgrace and only codifies and normalizes the invasion at our border.

I’m Tomi Lahren,

The text of the Senate border bill has been released and it’s even worse than anticipated.

The uniparty might market it as an accomplishment, but there’s nothing redeeming about a bill that not only sends $60 billion to Ukraine, but also legitimizes illegal immigration.

While there are some qualities in the bill, like the tightening of asylum criteria, that may be palatable, the rest of it is trash.

Also keep in mind that we cannot trust Biden to enforce the provisions of this bill given he already refuses to enforce existing law!

The Democrats have moved the goalpost once again. First, they are making us believe we need a border bill to secure our border. We don’t. Trump did it himself (working closely with Border Patrol and ICE).

Second, Democrats are only doing this to throw Joe a lifeline on immigration!

I am so sick of so-called Republicans going to DC to sell us out!


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