Rep. Chip Roy on the Senate Border Bill: “It Is Not an Effective Response”

Congressman Chip Roy, Representative for Texas’ 21st Congressional District, member of the House Judiciary, Rules, and Budget Committees, and Policy Chair of the House Freedom Caucus, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the latest border bill to be presented by the United States Senate and why many are refusing to pass the bill. Rep. Roy also reacts to those who say that the bill is better than the status quo and why he thinks that the bill would actually do net harm. Finally, Rep. Roy talks about previous failed legislation that would have completely fixed the border crisis. Listen to the full interview below.

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Rep. Roy had this to say on the new Senate border bill:

“We put forward legislation last year that responsibly secured the border. You all disagree, but you’ve now put forward legislation that would put effectively on autopilot that which Joe Biden has been doing…We’re going to literally help them codify effectively the engine of exactly what they’re doing right now… it is not an effective response.”