December 2023 saw a record number of illegal immigrants crossing the border, with over 300,000 reported encounters. As the crisis continues, Congress is weighing legislation to address the flow of migrants and fentanyl into the United states. Congressman Tony Gonzales (R-TX-23) joins the Rundown to discuss how the crisis has impacted his district, what the Biden Administration can do to help secure ports of entry, and shares his thoughts on the Administration’s response to Iran proxy attacks in the Middle East.

Despite a surprisingly good January jobs report and other recent positive data, many Americans are still anxious about the economy. 40% of voters say they are falling behind financially as the cost of essentials remains higher than a few years ago. Co-host of the Big Money Show on Fox Business, Taylor Riggs, joins the Rundown to discuss why so many people find it hard to trust the data and still feel squeezed. However, she also explains why she doesn’t think the country is heading toward a recession.


Plus, commentary from FOX News Contributor Tammy Bruce.