Fox News National correspondent Griff Jenkins joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to tell us all about his new Fox Nation special, “The Drug Lord’s Hippos”.

“So Pablo Escobar dies in 1993. He has the aforementioned zoo, zebras, lions, tigers and hippos. The Colombian government goes in, round up all the animals, donated them to South American zoos and whatnot. And the hippos, because they’re the most dangerous land mammal on the planet, they weigh three tons, can run 40 miles an hour and have a really short, pissy temper. They couldn’t capture them. So there’s only four of them. People were getting hurt. They couldn’t round them up. And they’re like, to heck with these. They’ll die off. No, let me tell you. Colombia is according to the hippo experts down there, hippo heaven. They’ve got lush rivers, jungle environment, and no natural enemy. And so they began to multiply. They were having hippo sex. Making hippo babies. And now hippos are the number one invasive species in Columbia.”

Griff and Jimmy also debate the best burger chains in the United States. To hear what else he had to say, listen to the podcast!

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