Over the weekend, three U.S. soldiers were killed in a drone attack in Jordan, which was carried out by an Iranian proxy group. With the Israel-Hamas war at an impasse, lawmakers agree Iran’s hostilities will soon require American retaliation. Special guest host Dana Perino sat down with Jared Cohen, Goldman Sachs’ President of Global Affairs and former advisor to two different U.S. secretaries of state. He explains how Iran has increasingly tested the Biden administration with their proxy attacks on U.S. forces, Iran’s ambitions in the region, and the threat of worsening home-grown terrorism due to radicalization in the Middle East. Later, he gives a preview of his new book about presidential retirement called “Life After Power.”

The standoff in Texas continues, as the Lone Star State is refusing to comply with a court order to remove razor wire along the Rio Grande River that prevents migrants from making it onto U.S. soil. 25 Republican governors have banded together to support Texas Governor Gregg Abbott in his fight. Oklahoma’s Kevin Stitt is one of them, and he joined the Rundown to discuss why he’s standing with Texas and what he thinks the Biden administration needs to do to prevent migrants from entering the United States illegally.

Plus, commentary by Jimmy Failla, host of “Fox Across America with Jimmy Failla.”