Josh Kraushaar on Trump’s NH Victory Speech: “Not a Great Omen Going Forward”

Josh Kraushaar, Fox News Radio Political Analyst & Editor In Chief of Jewish Insider, joined the Guy Benson Show today to discuss the latest on the 2024 GOP presidential nomination pool following Trump’s big win in Iowa. Benson and Kraushaar talk about Nikki Haley’s path going forward against former President Trump, and the pair discuss how she has sharpened her attacks against the former president over the past couple of days. Kraushaar and Benson also discuss the Trump side of the GOP primary, and Kraushaar criticizes Trump for unnecessarily attacking Nikki Haley and losing independent votes. Listen to the full interview below.

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Kraushaar had this to say on Trump’s NH victory speech:

” (Trump) can not only lose the independents by a pretty healthy margin, but what he did in the victory speech was he pushed away a lot of those Republicans that otherwise might have been amenable to him in the general election… if these are the allies, how he treats his allies or people he needs to bring in the mold, it’s not a great omen for for going forward.”