Do No Harm: The Murders Of Charles Cullen

For healthcare workers, the oath to “do no harm” is a guiding principle that shapes their everyday care for the sick and vulnerable. Amy Loughren was motivated to pursue a career in nursing so that she could protect others. Life as an ICU nurse wasn’t always easy, but she knew she could count on her friend and coworker, Charles Cullen, for a laugh. What she didn’t know, was that he was secretly one of the most prolific serial killers in the country.

Nurse Amy Loughren shares the story of how she aided law enforcement in their investigation of Charles Cullen and describes the thrilling details of how she secretly recorded their conversations. Later, she discusses how she’s still advocating for other healthcare workers today.

In order to support healthcare workers, Amy Loughren created Most Important Patient retreats as a way to address burnout, trauma, and fatigue in the medical field.

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