Former President Donald Trump ran away with a resounding victory in the Iowa Caucuses, winning over 50% of the vote. It was a close race for second place with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis narrowly beating former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. Now, the candidates are looking ahead at New Hampshire to see what the primaries will reveal about the state of the Republican Party. FOX News Decision Desk Director Arnon Mishkin provides his takeaways from Iowa and lays out the challenges candidates face in the elections.

Congress passed a short-term spending bill that extended government funding through March, narrowly avoiding a partial government shutdown. House Speaker Mike Johnson is now facing the same pressures and dangers to his speakership experienced by his predecessor, Speaker Kevin McCarthy, as he attempts to unite his divided party. FOX News Senior Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram provides a recap of the week in Congress and discusses the state of division within the House and Senate.