Extra: A Critical Senate Showdown In Michigan

Earlier this week, FOX News Rundown host Dave Anthony spoke with former Congressman Mike Rogers,.

After leaving politics for a few years, Rogers is now running for Senate in Michigan.

But before even having chance at winning the seat being vacated Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow, he must win a highly competitive Republican primary where his main opponents are former Detroit Police Chief James Craig and former Congressman Peter Meijer.

Rogers discussed his campaign, and the importance of flipping Michigan’s seat red if the GOP hopes to win back control of the Senate.

The Former Chair of the House Intel Committee also weighed in on the debate over securing the border and the Biden Administration’s handling of the conflicts in the Middle East and Europe

We made edits for time and thought you might like to hear our entire conversation with former Congressman and Michigan GOP Senate Candidate Mike Turner.

On today’s FOX News Rundown Extra, you’ll hear even from Turner and learn about the Michigan Senate race that will get major attention this election season.