Extra: Jimmy Failla Talks Comedy, Cancel Culture, And His Alleged Mob Ties

Jimmy Failla’s got another gig.

He’s already a stand-up comedian, a weekday radio show, “FOX Across America”, and a new book coming out.

But if he wasn’t busy already, he now has his own TV show debuting this weekend, “FOX News Saturday Night with Jimmy Failla.”

Earlier this week, Failla join host Chris Foster on the FOX News Rundown to talk about all of those jobs and answer some serious – and not so serious – questions about his career.

Jimmy talks for a living so this was a great time and the conversation went on too long to fit into the regular weekday podcast and radio show.

On today’s FOX News Rundown Extra, you’ll hear the whole interview and learn so much more about Jimmy Failla including what he considered his favorite comedy album, how he manages to eat between jobs, and if he’s actually in fact related to an infamous mobster.