Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Brian Kilmeade about the US led air strikes against Yemen’s Houthi rebels. Graham said we had no choice but to attack after the Biden administration has been playing defense for too long which he feels led to others thinking the President is weak. Graham praised Senator Lankford’s efforts working on a bipartisan deal with the democrats to address the border, asylum reform and Israel. On Ukraine, Graham feels they have put up one hell of a fight and he wants to desperately help Ukraine stay in the fight with weapons, not soldiers. Graham stressed that we need to secure our border and he can’t tell South Carolinians he is helping Ukraine and Israel without securing the border. Graham also explained why he feels Donald Trump is the best candidate to deal with the challenges at the border and overseas. Graham pointed to the border being secure under Trump, the Abraham Accords, and his belief that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if Trump was still president. Graham added, “All the talented people we have in the primary could not do what Trump did.”