Mike Huckabee tells Brian Kilmeade that Nikki Haley was not thinking when she failed to mention slavery as cause of the Civil War. Huckabee says while you can attribute some of that to exhaustion, it should have been a simple thing to say slavery and other factors were responsible for causing the Civil War. Looking ahead to the Iowa Caucus, Huckabee, who won Iowa in 2008, says the best way to win is connecting with voters in a personal way. Huckabee does not see Haley or DeSantis breaking out in Iowa as Trump leads them both combined in polls. When asked about how long a candidate should stay in based on how well they do in early primaries, Huckabee says the decision to suspend a campaign is gut wrenching because you put your heart and soul into campaigning and then having you look at your family and the people who have worked for your campaign and say we are done, we have no more money and no more fuel in the tank. Huckabee also explained that a campaign has to take on the debt they incur in failed candidacies and how that has impacted him on not running for president again.