Goodbye DEI!

DEI programs are sooo last year as big tech companies make deep cuts into these programs!

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Diversity, equity and inclusion- DEI- for short.

These virtue signaling programs have been all the rage since 2020 but according to job-site Indeed, these DEI programs were on the chopping block in 2023.

Google and Meta have both downsized their DEI programs in 2023 and DEI job postings as a whole have dropped 44%.

These big tech companies who invested a boatload of money into DEI programs such as “Black employee resource groups” since 2020 have finally figured out that MERIT is a better business model and worthless virtue signals are just that… worthless!

Perhaps these companies would do well to realize that the business of race, identity politics and so-called “activism” is better left on social media rather than the boardroom.

Hiring, firing and promotions should be based on the individuals, their work ethic, and their performance, not on their skin color or oppression totem pole rankings!

DEI is sooo 2022! Good riddance!

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