Neal McDonough, star of the new movie The Shift, joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss how he came to come out as a republican in Hollywood, the important role his Christian faith has in his life and the impact playing Lt. Buck Compton in Band of Brothers continues to have on him.
McDonough shared how Buck Compton urged him to come out of the political closet as a conservative and how at Compton’s funeral while giving his eulogy he said, “Hi, I’m Neal McDonough, and I’m a Republican.”

McDonough also discussed working with Hollywood heavyweights Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise. McDonough, who worked with Spielberg several times, said the director gave him the greatest acting tip of his career when he told him “I want you to be great on every take.” When McDonough asked Spielberg what that meant, he said Spielberg told him , “I hired you because I know you’re great. So if you just be yourself on every take, you’re going to be phenomenal.”

McDonough also talked about how he tackles playing the villains and bad guys while on set. He is always great with the crew but he doesn’t want to meet his fellow actors until after the scene. He meticulously described what it was like doing one memorable scene with Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, on Yellowstone.

Plus, McDonough opened about the importance of his Christian faith and how his new movie, The Shift, is a retelling of the Book of Job.