Anchor of “Fox News Sunday” Shannon Bream joins Fox Across America With Jimmy Failla to give her take on what could happen next after the Colorado State Supreme Court ruled in favor of disqualifying former President Trump from appearing on the state’s ballot in 2024.

“Listen, there’ll be an emergency filing. So that lower court ruling is sort of stayed, it’s on hold until January 4th. So I’d imagine Trump’s team, and keep in mind, they have another filing due with the Supreme Court, another emergency filing due today on the Jack Smith special counsel immunity question. That’s a separate case. But very quickly, another group of the attorneys I think, is going to be appealing this Colorado State Supreme Court decision. Listen, I think the court, because there is a conflict, there are other state courts that have ruled differently than what Colorado did. There are other cases like this bubbling up. I do think you’re going to get enough of a majority of these justices to say, look, we need to step into this question. That’s just my educated guess. I do think, and I honestly think that they would rule in the former president’s favor saying, was there real due process here? He’s not been convicted or even charged with insurrection. So how can you throw him off the ballot for something he hasn’t even been charged with, much less convicted? We’ll see, I think it’ll move pretty quickly.”

Shannon and Jimmy also talk about how Trump’s mounting legal issues will impact the 2024 GOP presidential primaries. Listen to the podcast to hear what else she had to say!

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